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Kodak Camera Customer Care Number : 

Many of us have heard about the “Kodak moment” which emphasizes on that perfect moment where a photo should be clicked.  Yes pictures can speak a 1000 words and Kodak has proved to be part of the Indian culture from years back.  To be precise, since 1913, when Kodak India Private Ltd was established.  Kodak has since then been with the Indian subconscious when it comes to capturing moments of life with the most prominent of photographers clicking those Kodak pictures.  In fact, photography was associated with Kodak in India.

Kodak Cameras Customer Care Number, Toll Free : 

Kodak owes its success to its core values which revolve around respect for the dignity of an individual, integrity, trust, continuous improvement and renewal, and recognition & celebration.  George Eastman founded the company in 1888.  The company is best known for products which of photographic film.  While the company did foray into digital photography, currently the company is into personalized imaging and document imaging.  Kodak followed a business strategy of selling inexpensive cameras and making large margins especially from consumables, like paper, chemicals, and film.  If you would like to know more about Kodak and the legacy it leaves behind or would like to know more into how to deal with the film based photography, reach out to Kodak Camera Customer Care number.  The Kodak Camera Customer Care toll free number is 1-800-242-2424.  To make the process specific and also to get some information before a call is made, a form needs to be filled out to get in touch with the number.  Kodak Camera Customer Care number is a specialized service and there to help you if you are not able to fathom the exhaustive user manuals available.  In fact, since the digital camera wing has closed down, the Kodak Camera Customer Care number does not support calls made to understand more on that wing.

A yesteryear giant in photography, Kodak is the last pantheon for film based photography and Kodak Camera Customer Care number is your last resort to keep in touch with the happenings there.

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