Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Blaze Flash Courier Customer Care Number | India Blaze Flash Courier Tracking

Blaze Flash Courier Customer Care Number:-

Blaze Flash Courier Customer Care NumberBlaze flash is a courier company established in the year 1986 in India but now it has its presence all over the world. They provide dedicated courier service to most of the cities in the world. The customer relation of the company is taken care of by the customer care professionals of the company who are well trained and efficient at work. The customers and the prospective customers of the company can get information related to the services of the company on the Blaze Flash Customer Care Number.The company provides shipping services to various companies in the country and also to other countries. Many renowned brands in the country trust this service and ship the consignments through them to different parts of the country and the world. For such details and related information, you can contact the company of their customer support number. The company has trained professionals to take care of the foreign customers and they do the same in a great manner. So, if you are shipping some goods from your home country to a foreign land then you need not to worry as Blaze Flash courier take care of their clients in a very dedicated way. You and your customer can track the courier with the help of the tracking service of the Blaze Flash Company during the transition period of the courier. You can call on customer service phone number for information related to tracking of the courier or the consignment. 

Blaze Flash Courier Toll Free Customer Service Number:-

The company has multiple customer service number and they are available at their customer’s service all the time. One can also request call back at their convenient time to enquire about the services and the charges. The tech team of the company are always ready to share information related to the logistic of the courier or the shipment of their customers and for the same you can contact them on tech support number.

Blaze Flash Courier Customer Care Phone Number:-011-6888-8470 or 011-6888-8471.

Blaze Flash Office Address:-

#No: Blazeflash House 69/6A,
Landmark No:Rama Road Ind,
City Name:New Delhi ,
State Name: New Delhi,
Pin Code: 110-015.

Blaze Flash Customer Care Email id : feedback@blazeflash.com.

Blaze Flash Website : www.blazeflash.com.

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