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Uber Customer Care Trivandrum | Contact Number | Service Number | Complaint Number

Uber Customer Care Contcat Number Trivandrum

Uber Customer Care Number Trivandrum | Uber Contact Number KeralaThe trend in several cities is to hire a cab to avoid driving in traffic. By hiring a cab everyday for various reasons could be very expensive. Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick have designed a model to offer cab services for economical prices in 2009.
Uber Inc. has received several awards due to their prompt delivery in their services. Some services include convenient real-time booking of cab through SmartPhone, decent driver, promotional offers, on-time arrival, and hassle free of taking extra money.

Uber Cabs Customer Care Number Trivandrum - Kerala :

The Uber app is downloaded on the SmartPhones and the customer care number is directly available from the app and the customer can know various types of services in and around Trivandrum. This city is covered with green, hence any individual could be interested in taking the ride, and by contacting the customer number the prices of those particular rides will be available.
Uber’s customer support and services are fast and easy as the app is customized. The customer care number connects fast and clarifies all the queries about services. Several promotional offers are made known to customer by logging into Uber website or app using login id and password. While booking the cabs by contacting the customer number, information about the available cabs with the estimated arrival time is conveyed.
Uber Technologies Inc. is a company with International Award Winning began in 2009. It was founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick in San Francisco, California.

Several benefits are available by taking ride on Uber cabs. Some cab services and drivers expect tips for their rides, but Uber makes a distinctive feature in this as the payments are made only through master cards.

Uber Cabs Contact Number : Support: 1-866-576-1039 
Uber Cabs Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-415-986-2104


  1. 06:22pm
    nra 81, Bodheswaran Rd, Nandavanam, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695034, India

    SUPPOSED RIDE AT 6.22 PM on 28/7/2016

    The ride was cancelled because the Driver reported delay. Not my fault. So you cannot charge me. Other Companies do not Charge.. See my records. I will have to drop Uber rides .
    Check the records . I immediately booked another Uber and Travelled & paid as well.
    Please do some thing immediately... please Refund...
    Uber , when started had such issues.
    As you are gaining in popularity, you have started taxing consumers.


  2. I MADE 2 TRIPS YESTERDAY - 17/8/2016- YET TO GET RS 40 + RS 40 OFF IE RS 80

    PROF. SREEKUMAR.S . MBA. MA MOBILE- 94474 61676

  3. Your Tuesday afternoon trip with Uber
    Uber Receipts
    Promo Code ₹56.12 Thanks for choosing Uber, Mohanan 22 November 2016 | uberGO...
    3:36 PM (3 hours ago)
    Uber Receipts
    Promo Code ₹56.12 Thanks for choosing Uber, Mohanan 22 November 2016 | uberGO...
    3:37 PM (3 hours ago)
    Uber Receipts
    ₹91.42 16:19 | Medical College Campus, Chalakkuzhi, Thiruvananthapuram, Keral...
    4:38 PM (2 hours ago)
    Uber Receipts
    Promo Code ₹91.42 Thanks for choosing Uber, Mohanan 22 November 2016 | uberGO...
    4:39 PM (2 hours ago)
    Mohanan C
    C On Tue, Nov 22, 2016 at 4:39 PM, Uber Receipts wrote:...
    6:26 PM (31 minutes ago)
    Mohanan C

    6:31 PM (26 minutes ago)

    to Uber
    Could you please explain the difference in fare (about 50% more) for the second trip I took just one hour after the first trip between the same destinations. There was no surge pricing. The first trip showed distance as 4.78 km whereas the second trip 9.12 Km. Was there some manipulation by the driver?

    Dr C Mohanan

  4. i had arranged a trip to my relatives but forgot to type the destination ,the driver charged the amount without a receipt since the destination not mentioned as he said , we paid the amount accordingly .Now when i enter another trip an amount showing as pending for that trip !so kindly suggest
    t k jain
    kerala 9846020414

  5. I am regular user of Uber and so far always I appreciated the service. I was happy to give a five star rating to my all trips. But today I had a different experience. When I requested for Uber, Driver called me and expressed his inability to attend my request. Again I requested and another driver also denied the service. The reason for the deniel was that they are not very near to my place. So I was compelled to get the service of another company. I feel it was not a fair response from a reputed service like Uber.
    Harikumar Trivandum

    1. I'm sitting now at Trivandrum Airport with exactly the same problem. The driver advised me to cancel the the ride that was previously accepted and now when I try to book a new ride the app says no car available. Absolutely ridiculous. I wish they'd find that driver and fire him.

  6. Kindly inform how we have to respond , if a driver hesitate to accept our request on the reason that they are little away from our place. I had two such experiences today.
    Harikumar Trivandum


  8. I had booked a ride from Ayurveda college junction to vanchi your at about 5pm on 3rd Nov 2017.I got a sms stating that one Mr Sumesh is arriving within 4 minutes. After waiting for more than 10 minutes along with my fa.ily I contact him over phone .He said very rudely that he is waiting g near some auto rickshaw stand.Myself and my family members searched allaround the vicinity. The car was nowhere in sight.I again contacted him and pleaded him to navigate hai g GPS and reach me.He shouted back if you want a ride you come and find me
    After some moments I G
    Got a sms stating trip is cancelled by Sumesh.Frustrated I hired an auto rickshaw to reach my fe
    Destination If this is the type of service you are giving God help the organization