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Ola Customer Care Number (3355-3355) 24x7 Helpline Support Contact Number

Ola Cabs Phone Booking Phone Number:

ola cabs phone number
Ola Cabs is the leading mobile taxi cab service company that serves its customers with amazing services. It provides cars and taxis on rent for its customers who are in need in almost every region. All that customers need to do is to hire a taxi to reach their destination within minutes. It provides both local, outstation and airport services as well as it offers railway transfers too for its customers. This company is famous for introducing simple online booking system and provides telephone numbers as well as mobile app for its customers. It offers many benefits for its customers and the major advantage which the customers can avail from this company is customers can book any car of their choice according to their needs. It gives the facility to book the top most cabs for its customers.

Ola Cabs Contact Numbers: Std Code 33553355

Ola Cabs also provides individual contact numbers for its customers with the help of which customers can contact from anywhere. Customers can find the contact numbers from the website of this company easily and dial to this company to book the cab anytime.

Ola Cabs Customer Care Details: 

This company also provides customer care numbers for its customer care numbers using which they can call and solve their problems easily. The support team of this company work all the time and provide solutions for the customers.

Ola Cabs Customer Care Email ID:

 It also offers email id services for its customers with the help of which they can send an email and leave their complaint to the company and solve their problems easily without any difficulty.

Ola Cabs Toll Free Help Line Number: (Your State Std Code) 3355 3355

This Company also provides toll free help numbers for its customers and serves all the customers who have problems with the service of the company.

Ola Cabs State Wise City Wise Booking Phone Number

Ola Cab Bookking No
Ola Cab Helpline Number Goa
(022) 3355-3355
Ola Taxi Service Number Number Jaipur 
Ola Car Customer book Phone Number Chandigarh
Ola Customer Care Number Surat
Ola Contact Help Line Number Indore
Ola Customer Support no Lucknow
Booking Numbers
Ola Amritsar Customer Care Phone Number
Ola Cabs Contact Number Ludhiana
Ola Cab Customer Support Number Vishakhapatnam
Ola Customer Care Phone Number Coimbatore
Ola Cab Customer  Support Number Nagpur
Ola Cabs Contact Number Nashik
Ola Customer Care Number Vadodara
Ola Cabs Customer Support Number Aurangabad 
Ola Madurai Phone Number
Ola Taxi Tiruchirapally Helpline Number
Ola Rajkot Phone Number
Ola Cabs Toll Free Customer Care Number Jalandhar

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  1. Hi my name is Syed Ziauddin and I attach my vehicle DL 1 RT 9414 from one month but still I didn't get any money BY transfer in my bank account for my incentives I am very upset with Ola cabs services please reply me as soon as possible

  2. Very very poor service of ola cab taxi drivers. They have dropped me half of the way.

  3. worst service i ever seen even local vendor service is better then ola

  4. WoRST custoMer care service. I left my phone in the ola cab and The cab driver acknowledged the phone presence and told that he will return to ola is been two months and still I haven't got the phone. Customer care could not get the phone from the driver and neither they are at fault. Tell me honestly why do you have customer services if you could not solve any problem ?

  5. I booked ola and driver doid not showed up...Here are your Ola Share details for OSN21209833. Fare: Rs. 178 Driver: LOKINDER SINGH (9911274780) Cab Number: MP20TA0417 Helpline: 011-33553355. Request you to be on time.

  6. very very bad experience.. the driver took extra money from me to drop me from vikhroli to vasai. told me its extra charges, toll money also i had to pay. the a/c was not switched on. when asked the driver told that this will be extra. i was told that ill get proper bill for all my payment. shit .. i paid 1140 and got email for 800. Ola cab drivers are fooling people.. Beware when you travel by Ola cab.

    1. You should provide Ola driver cell no and vehicle no. to take some action.

  7. I lost my phone in ola cab on 21/3/16. Its been 10 days they haven't called me there is no response from them. I have done police complained also. 64116 is my complained no. Basically u people r making fool of us by saying services. What kind of servicing u r providing by not replying. Ur license should be cancelled. Bcz its not a small thing. Bcz it wasn't a random vehicle.

  8. Hello All ,

    on jan first week on of the OLA driver has given me fake currency of 500RS which I kept till now. Even after reminding these guys several times no one has taking any action. I think a big racket is going on in Bangalore . so please be ware of these OLA drivers as well as from the Customer care executives. because I have given the name number and taxi number of the driver but still they will not be able to track that guy.
    I have un installed this app and trying not to use OLA in future.

    a pissed of customer

  9. Very Bad service.
    Had booked a ride 20 hrs earlier ( CRN 220740652) for tarvel at 0915 on 17 Apr 16. The driver called (from 8039591939 and notfrom the assigned number 9066397636) at 0851 asking for the destination and confirmed that he will be at my place in time. There after he never turned up . Calling back he never responded. The vehicle never turned up. Had to make alternate arrangement. Please take corrective and preventive action if you have to survive against Uber.

  10. we travel Km. 12.2 only Rs. 264 Ride Time 59 minute, and when back same destination KM 12.86 paid amount Rs. 622 its cheating to customer

  11. i am dhaval rathi i booked a cab for first time , i never knew that they charge 2.4% extra on actual cost of bill and there was no pop up too.on mobile app it just came to confirm please proceed. and i did the same i reached airport and i was charged 782 rupees . 2.4 % extra . ad top of it when i called on costumer care the agent named Miss Nagma she picked up the phone and i am saying u should check a message and an email and its not our mistake its yours, i never had an problem with ubercabs here that i was in rush to airport and i did not check the message or an email so she says its my mistake and biggest thing driver doesn't know about it y i was charged so high. if there would have been a person like my friend or brother he would have not paid only and would have just walked away or would have given only the actual cost only. my money is not for free, i will post this hotline call conversation online now . which i had recorded on my phone. i will not recommend ola to any one futher in future, i dot trust u guys not you have a respect to talk to your costumer,......

  12. I traveled yesterday with OLA cabs Blr, Vehicle # KA53C169, DRIVER #7411474893.I had Bad experience. Poor service Vehicle, extra premium rates.. Will not recommend OLA to anyone, better shut the service.

  13. No wonder, I am reading so many bad reviews...I have used the service of Ola and was impressed by their punctuality. But, today was taken aback, when I got to know about some "peak hour" charges. When I called up the customer care Ms. Anushka informed me that Peak hour is a concept when 4 customers book a cab and there is only 1 driver available. So any customer who is willing to pay 1.4 times more the regular fare will get the is like taking advantage of the customer! Not expected!! Shouldn't it be like...1st come 1st serve basis?? Can Ola be customer friendly??? Atithi devo bhava...Ola??

  14. I have been using Ola for the past few months and was happy with its service until today when I came to know about the "PEAK HOUR" concept. It is like when 4 people try to book a cab and only 1 driver is any customer out of the 4 who is willing to pay 1.4 times more of the actual fare, gets the ride....It is so selfish and shrewd from Ola's point of view of conducting business. It is like 4 people are trying to buy the same medicine and the shopkeeper starts bidding for it. Shame on you Ola...In India it is Atithi Devo it?

  15. I'm Tarun Nath , Ola member with Email ID: , noticed that someone's Bill is being treated as my use.
    Please do the needful.

  16. Its hope less service. It s day light cheating. when we wanted micro cab and we had requested for micro cabs for two of us , we were not given option and big car came after waiting for half an hour. I feel Rs.6 per ride is bait and switch offer . first offer cheap one and give expensive one. first experience is horrible. I will never give try second time. I will not recommend ola cab to any one

  17. Ola provides free ride dont get fool by using when you a cab with that the drivers cancel the ride and again the booking will be suspended
    Ola drivers are using cancelling to show more no of bookings and take more commission which ola is not monitoring Autos are better than ola

  18. Ola services are getting worst. If there is money in your account, the driver will start the ride and the customers wont get picked up. They say they will speak and warn the drivers but this is happening a lot

  19. Yesterday, 08th May 2016, I travelled from Mahavir Sanctum New Thippasandra to Nagawara by Ola Cab between 4:00 pm and 5:00 p,.
    The driver name is Mr. Shivaraj.
    He knows only Kannada and no other language.
    Our problems started from the time we entered his cab.
    He does not know our destination Nagawara Near Manyata Techpark.
    His GPS was not working.
    His driving skills are very poor.
    He took us on long route because his GPS was not working and he does not know how to reach the destination.
    He did not follow traffic rules. Instead of falling behind the vehicles waiting for the signals, he came into the wrong line near Gopaln Mall on the other side of the divider. He was in a fix when vehicles from the opposite side started coming .
    When he was to follow left most line to enter Outer Ring Road, again he took wrong Libya and had to take reverse direction. W glad to shell out Rs. 263.00 for our ride.
    In short, we the passengers were not comfortable with his driving and we're feeling unsafe.
    Please guide and train him properly.

  20. Most anti customer services..Why a person like Ratan Tata and Tata group has invested in such a bad company

  21. In fact RTO and State Transport Deptt should take care of customer grievences even if they are bribed by OLA people..It is their duty..I don't understand why a person like Ratan Tata ha invested in such a rouge company

  22. driver did not come to pick up

  23. Ola cab no RJ 2361 taken from airport to home at udaipur 25 km distance covered suresh kumar menaria driver charged me 405rs insted of 150rs 6 rs/km was charged ...if u guys dnt know calculation then just go and learn some maths...and no message was dilevered on my fone ..either return my money or else will complain it further.

  24. Can someone tell me possibility of getting ola cab at 4am from noida

  25. Dishonest driver. I was charged twice for a single ride. After I reached my destination the driver asked me to pay the fare. Later I called my sister and got to know that she had made the payment thru ola money. Such thieving drivers are employed by ola.

  26. Booked 3 cabs for Airport but not even 1 cab was ready to go
    No place to keep the baggage also
    Speakers in the dicky
    Mannerless drivers
    Wasted 1 hr of ours
    Meru cabs much better

  27. ola is a very bad for customer.ola cab no.JH01BT 6166 Driver name vikash.he is misbehave and wrong language use to my wife and family.So i never use ola cab.

  28. Book 4 times but no driver come to pickup. It was my first booking with OLA but had very bad experience. Even one driver show a fake riding and I got a mail from OLA that you had ride with Amit with 66 rupees but actually I did not ride anywhere with OLA cab .

  29. Ola cab is totally dishonest, drivers are also rude.try to avoid if possible.

  30. Sorry to have given a wrong feedback/rating in respect of journey undertaken by me ( No. CRN263996374, 5th June, 2016, Driver Name - OMPRAKASH PAL

    20.32 km 46.67 min

    Mini - White WagonR
    Upgraded from Micro

    10:58 AM

    B21, Pocket B, Peshwa Rd, Gole Market, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India

    11:45 AM

    A-125, Block A, Dilshad Colony New Simapuri, Dilshad Garden, New Delhi. It was by mistake that I had given a rating of 2 instead of 4 plus. In fact, the driver was very cooperative, well behaved and the journey was indeed a pleasure. Please incorporate the corrections regarding the rating given by me, under intimation to me. Sorry for the incovenience.

  31. Such a pathetic experience with ola n frustrating. Rouge drivers do not directly refuse n lie about their location while GPS is still showing where they are. Guess the Company is listening n willing to take action

  32. Oh my goshhh. I have just booked an ola cab and is due in the evening today. After reading the reviews, I am highly doubtful whether the driver will turn up or not. (I really want to make alternative arrangement in the case of no show from teh cab).

    So many negative reviews from customers don't come with no reason and most of al concerns are drivers and no shows (the most important factors in a transport business).

    With such a bad reputation, OLA, can you survive? Do you people read these comments and try doing something for the many people who got deceived by your company. I dont know., its highly unlikely i believe. Seems to me that you are just minting money or probably you still are in the process of overcoming the initial chaotic phase of this business. What ever it is, it must be your company's prime occupation to address such importatn issue of setting the drivers correct for your cabs. God knows what you people will do..

  33. My mobile no is already blocked please share solution in account.

  34. Very bad experience. On the website it shows after downloading the app you can get 3 free rides. But that was not happened. When we downloaded the app we didn't mention our destination and car type but got msg. that driver will pik up u within 5 minutes. An old person was a driver he wasn't aware of the routes. Asked us to go from DND after our confirmation he took long route. Free Wi-Fi.....msg.
    recd. but that was also not working. In future we will prefer Uber instead of OLA.

  35. Extremely poor service of ola cabs drivers. They even fail to deliver the advance bookings. I made booking a day before for airport of 6 am next day. He wasnt at my place even at 6.30 and said that he has to go for some other booking. Such people should be screwed. The name of cab driver is ANKUSH (9850483569) white Indica. MH14CX4107. Ola service is not at all reliable and especially when it's urgency.

  36. Horrible first time experience in Kolkata. My pickup address was narayantala west and the driver went to salt lake. How stupid or ignorant can one be to not understand the difference between the two places? Ola please wake up and train your drivers to arrive at the right location. Disappointed, SB

  37. Extremely poor service by ola in kolkata. My pickup address was Narayantala west but the driver went to salt lake. How ignorant can one be to not understand the location or address? Ola cab WAKE UP AND TRAIN YOUR DRIVERS TO USE GPS. Poor tactics by ola drivers and I had no choice but to cancel my trip. Horrible experience.

  38. on 30.06.16 i advancely booked ola cab and confirmed crn 289814416 for 03.07.16 at 17:35 Hrs. unfortunately driver called me on 03.07.16 and he his not able to come so plz cancel the cab. due to insufficent time i booked another ola cab and he has charged me 3 times more.
    again same problem crn 289809461 on 03.07.16 at 21.30 Hrs. driver called me and telling plz cancel the ride. I think ola is playing double role for getting more charge. When I complained to ola they have blocked my email id for future travel.
    crn 289809461 on 03.07.16 at 21.30 Hrs on that day 2 ola cabs are idle at our place but in online they are in peak time 2.8% will be can they say driver is idle and telling only when the call comes from ola at that time i will come.peak time is created by ola.
    Mobile : 9849490449

  39. OSN110530665 Ola share I had booked from Avadi. The driver didnt even turn up , but the trip details reflects in my app with the cost.. Ola drivers keep cancelling the drives at night without proper information. Ola service is really bad in Chennai.

  40. On 11-7-2016 had bitter experience by sanjay for canceling my booking CRN 300771681 Even though booked in the morning 10.00 for my trip to contonment railway station at response till 8.30pm.closed the trip by giving bogus amt.

  41. Hi
    I m leave in chikhli dist.navsari near surat gujrat
    I have 2 car maruti suzuki ertiga and chevorlet tawera
    I intrest to olacab
    Pls make me olacab member



  44. I want join ola cabs i have car give me nm of ola cabs executive

  45. I want to place my car for Ola service it is 2004 registration Maruti Zen LXi.
    Please let me if it is acceptable to Ola.
    If any other requirements.

  46. Hi Bhavish Aggarwal,

    Today I have booked Ola cab from New Delhi to Noida sector 71, but we are 5 members. So Ola driver telling me 5 member are not allowed that reason being we have not used Ola cab. But Ola charged me from my Ola Money Wallet Rs. 232

    I need to refund my money otherwise I will not use Ola cab in further.

    Driver name: Sanjay
    CRN : 321168644
    Total Bill : 232
    Prime - Grey Etios

  47. So full of shit one wants to go to gurgaon...all they say is sir complaint krdo hamari... What rubbish...8447097607..8010054501...9761426204...8585922117... These are the few denied to pic up ... Shame on ola

  48. 1. being charged from the time of booking instead of pick up time which adds to the bill
    2. distance covered being taken from the place of cab at the time of booking and not from pick-up point.

  49. i am booking for ola cab but it,s not come to right time it,s very bad service provider OLA cab team i thing is remove INDIA

  50. my name is Ravi this comment OLA cab.....i am booking for OLA cab but it,s not coming to right time is a very bad serve provider in any city i am not happy with OLA cab

  51. On 10th Aug. We booked cab from Noida to New Delhi Railway station. Driver SanJay kumar refused to take us and told that his devise is not working even I showed him the msg.
    and rent amount. He wanted to claim over and above. He was rude and impolite.we reached station on our own at nick of time with difficulty. Ola should try to improve the. service.

  52. Very unprofessional drivers. Forced me to end the ride in Midway. Lost around 1 hour of precious time

  53. last week I took an auto.He deliberately stopped saying car is repaired.Similar incident happened agin today, This has also happened to my fined.This trick is played by them to achieve bonus

  54. Very worst service experience today with Ola. I asked the Ola Mini Driver to go in a shorter route. He said he cannot go and would follow only the route available in the Map. Is this the instruction of Ola? Finally, he dropped us midway and left after collecting the money. Very arrogant and unhelpful. Shame on Ola. Car Number is TN 07 CF 0687, Maruti Ritz. His Name is Mr Francis (7358471004).

  55. Ola cab I booked 9-9-2016 in Delhi swift dzire driver rakesh hr 55y9031 we treval to Karol bagh to uttam nagar west in tottal 19 km. We give money her 300rs. Its very much and very wrong oky so I request please ola cab in query this. Driver thanks

  56. When I called Ola taxi, on 1B gate of Mumbai domestic airport at around 4pm on 10.09. 2016, the driver made me walk a kilometre with luggage & finally asked me to come to hotel Balaji. After boarding the taxi, airport authority fined the driver for pick up at wrong taxi, the driver demanded the fine amount from me.
    Is the taxi expected to reach you after calling or you have to search it?
    Why should the driver demand fine amount?
    What can my first bitter impression on Ola taxi be?
    Does Ola have any control on its drivers ?
    Is Ola sure to give similar service in future?

  57. Ola service is very bad because they do not atten long distance duty they like only short service and travil long rute

  58. Ola services is very worst he said only 6 rs / km and take 122 rs only 2 kilometer it's fake and thif

  59. Ola service is very bad because they do not atten long distance duty they like only short service and travil long rute And jab driver cap cancal karta h fir bhi ola cap hum se 25rs extra lete h faltu service h in ki it's very badly service

  60. I didn't get my incentive for 22/09/ name is bhupesh DL1RT2952..and mobile number is 8860494342..Please do something ..and tell me what's the reason behind?

  61. I booked a drop from chennai airport to the place where I took a guest house. The driver dropped me on some other Street saying that his GPRS ended the map, destination in that Street. He dropped at 2.40 am and asked me to find my destination by enquiring with the ppl on recklece is the driver, I didn't not understand wgoze door should I knock and enquire about my G.H location.. I suggest ola driver should also use their commonsense rather than blindly depending on GPRS.. Ola technical team may look into this..

  62. On 1 st October I booked ola cabs from my house to go to my sister place ,3 cabs could not find my house,which is so easy and that to on the main road and so many landmarks.I kept calling them up I even told them to use GPS but of no use.They just wasted my time reached driver wasted minimum 10 minutes from 1: Pm ,then I booked 2 ola autos , they also couldn't find my house.
    I kept calling them also but no response.
    They also cancelled it ,at last after wasting 40 minutes of mine,I booked Uber cabs which came in not even less than 5 minutes.Hopeless ola cabs.I recommend people not to book ola cabs

  63. Very very poor and worst service of ola cab taxi drivers(i booked mahabalipuram but driver told this taxi going to chennai city area upto muthukadu , so u another taxi booking muthukadu to mamalapuram.I am not accecpted that.So They have dropped me near of my home just 100meters, But amount payed Rs-106.How is it?

  64. Why you have to integrate with OLA and waiting for commission. Buy the new software and mobile apps here in your brand and the regular customer.. No need to depend on anyone.


  66. We went mira road iskcon temple from kandivali, from where the rickshaw fare is maximum 150 but ola took 518 rs and also charged 100 rs extra for ac. U all show that fare is 6rs per km but why is that fare so high.

  67. Very bad experience taking so much extra charges under the name of charging 6rs per km .the driver took 518 but the ola showed the fare 416 and he also took 100 rs extra ac charge

  68. I'm a regular customer of Olacabs because of demonetisation I've availed Olamoney first time for my convenience before booking a Olacabs and deposited ₹999/ at 16:33hrs., dtd: 13/12/2016. after booking a cab I've received Ola money as stated above. At 16:28 I've received booking confirmation at 16:28 hrs., on 13/12/2016, driver name Munna Kumar phone number:9953645630/ White GO HR55X1241. CRN-490591448. After reaching my destination driver asked me to pay ₹426/ I paid him by cash ₹450/ he said don't have change ₹24/ I said ok, fine and left. Reaching my friends home in my surprise my Olamoney also got deducted and I'm having only ₹573/ as Olamoney as first time I'm using this facility I reported this fraudulent practice of Olacabs driver to Ola customer care phone 01133553355. Answer was it's my fault and they can't help me. I don't know what to do next should I go to consumer court or what. Olacabs drivers and employees should not do this kind of fraud to their vulnerable customers. My complain no 29531261(Ola support)

  69. I have travelled today 22.7 km From Adalaj pick up stand to my Office nr.YMCA,Ahmedabad
    I thought Rs.8 per km,But & iDon't know this Haramkhor Ola Charged RS.274
    33 Rs charged for 33 miNits ride,I have not get Them waited for second, I have waited 5minuts instead,
    I will newer use this or Reccomend this Super Costly but third class Cab Service,

    AgLI bar JaHa ola cab diKhegi Waha thukunga or Bhikhario ko Bhikh Me Rs.274 dunga,

  70. Ola service is very bad. They are misguiding the people and generating more bill. It is going in wrong way.

  71. Bakwas service very very bad service you provided.
    i was book my ride on 19/12/2016 time 6.10 am in kota city.But at that time no available and show no cabs in application.
    I am very disappointed form your service.

    CRN 496942093

  72. Vechecle No = AS01GC0031. Driver Mob no = 9613335536. CRN = 502625975. Total bill Amount = Rs. 402.00 Ola wallet is = Rs. 316.00 . I have to paid Rs. 86.00 only to driver . But the driver force me to paid in cash . But contract with ola care they told me not to pay more than Rs. 86.00. But the driver take Rs.300.00 from me . How can I refund the same .

  73. Three bookings canceled by Ola drivers fucking customer service and stop endorsing your brand if u can't deviler at right time and now 25 rupees will be debited from my account for this pathetic nonsense ��������

  74. I booked ola cab today to pick my mother from maxcure hospotal at secretariat to drop at kothapet driver dont know the rout and mis behaved. my crn no. 509865067. His nsme is hari his contact no is from true caller showing jammu based tourism no.billed for 406 Rs. The same ride in the morning with crno. 508923587 billed for Rs 178 bloody change in the same rout and distance avery bad experience.

  75. very fraud service. they r making us fool & collecting many hidden charges. No proper service....

  76. I booked ola cab to morning 8 AM -noida sec-66 ,to 6:30 Pm Neharu place RETURN ,Daily

  77. hi,i am Avinash Singh,i booked ola cab to pick daily noida sec 66 to neharu place ,jan-2017 to jan-2018 ,1 yr to book ola cab,which fair to send me or call me

  78. I am Nanda Chetri have attached my car UP16ET1578, I was committed during the attachment that if my car works for Rs: 2500/- for the first Three days I would me Rs: 3000/-at the end of the first week I called up customer care on the concern but the customer care said that the it will be reviewed after the week is over. the same i raised with customer care on the next day i was told that it will be reviewed after the month is over. OMG customer care even fluctuates with it, how do the partners understands the actual fact. it has puzzled me to attach my another car to Ola.

    The next concern: Ola is showing offer as if a particular car makes 9trips in one day he will be paid Rs. 2000 as a Bonus. On 11th Jan 17 I made 9trips and expected the Bonus and called up the customer care i have been told that no bonus will be paid on making 9 trips it has different ways of calculation in our system.

    Ola is focusing only to collect their 20 plus 6 percent for Ola registration rather than focusing the commitment with the Ola Partner and customer service.

    I hope this message will touch the heart of many other partners like me.

    Nanda Chetri

  79. to i book ola cab from karadi to hinjanwadi face 2 the amount detected ola money and the cab driver also taken by hand another time 350 .

  80. Ola customer number hi nahi lagta he

  81. I booked an ola cab on jan 13 around 3pm on my way to dwarka and hauz khas and I left my phone inside the cab!!!so after 10-15 mins I tried reaching my no from another phone and it rang several times bit there was no answer.and when I called the driver in the night he told me that he didn't see any phone inside the cab and after that when I tried calling my phone it was already off.ola provide a very bad's service was very worst but I had expected a better service from leaving ur things behind an ola cab means never getting them back customers be careful when you book an ola cab.

  82. After confirmed a rid and provide CRN number . at last moment OLA cancelled a drive inform only before 15 minute of schedule drive its really disappointed . We face very much difficulties to take vehicle at last moment. at lest they inform before one hours in advance.

  83. Hi, I tried several times to contact Bangalore Ola Cabs customer care in 088-3355 3355, as mentioned in Ola web site, but I'm getting the message as " pls check the no u have dialed". I'm very much disappointed with your service.

  84. Very poor response fromm customer care , deducted 1299 as subcription charges and logging compaliant but no one is ready to listen .
    ticket no . 33847023 23.01.2017,33846683 23.01.2017,Ticket 33500839

    ola money ticket : Request #275436,Request #277000 20.01.17,Request #281181 .20.1.17,Request #275436 17.01.17.

    patheic people sitting at customer care and dont want to help customer , feeling like cheated with OLA ..

  85. Hi I am Sushil Shrivastava( 9004382729) , booked subscrition on 1299 for 3 months on 13,01.2017 money got deducted from Credit card but not refelcting on OLA money account , on 14 i need to go borivali to peddar road hence again charged ola money with 1299 , but after retrun got to know only current charges been seen in ola money account . same day i have sent mail to OLA money with screen shot of my statement but there was response that 14 money used in rides and about 13 transaction got mail after 8 days that was subcriptiuon charges . and got to know form call centre that since its already been 10 days hence subcrption cannot b e cancelled . means people are waiting for 8 days to go to revert .
    very poor response from CCC execiuttive -Ms. Nilofer and her superior Renim , who are not ready to listen customer issue but want to close the call . my self feel cheated with subcription charges where i was in a impression that 1299 to b e made advance payment which can be adjust in my futre rides .

  86. I have booked ola and driver cancelled the ride due to some waiting time like 5 minutes due to some medical issue as I also informed driver for this and even though they cancelled the ride and now ola is asking for penalty what kind of service is this without informing driver cancelled the duty and we have to give fine.I thought now we all should do something against this cab service otherwise if they can't wait for 5 minutes for a ill person so what's the use of booking cab

  87. I want to join Ola Cabs at Delhi ...plz send me whole detail for that

  88. Very bad experience from ola cabs. Today i booked ola cab in bangalore but the driver asked me to pay toll charges though i told him it is included. The language he used was very worse.
    This kind of service is not expected from ola.
    The driver details are
    Name- Sathish
    Mobile no- 9071672678
    Hope ola will take action against the the driver.

  89. Today my wife and her friends were coming through ola cab from hotel Mapple to Kalyani Nagar.... The driver was drunk and abusing ladies... Very bad language.... Please don't go with ola... Most of my experience are horrible...

  90. I want to book ola in delhi please suggest.

  91. I stay in Bengaluru , I am Kannadiga .Why there is no option for kannada songs in the Tab available for entertainment ; there is only Hindi songs available. You should give priority for the local language than any other language, INDIA is multilingual country, Try to respect local language , people and culture Or Else some day u will be thrown out of our state.

    1. use you own phone for any Local language....kannadga are wel nature and quitewelcoming ..Dont act like tamilians and spoil kannadiga's image

  92. On 25th July 2017 I took a share cab from Dadar to CST. Yhe fare (rs. 79) was deducted from my Pre-paid balance in OLA Money. However when I reached my destination the driver asked for cash and I absent mindedly paid him as well. On contacting customer care the executive was very polite and helpful and informed me that the driver should not have collected the cash and that the same would be refunded to my OLA balance and the errant driver penalized. I was asked to go to the link sent to me by SMS to resolve the issue. This I did but both options "Driver collected extra cash"and "Wallet deducted and cash paid too"did not resolve the issue. The reply being Ëxtra cash paid to a driver is outside the scope of OLA payment system________________unable to adjust exrta cash"

  93. This is not a comment but a request for information.
    A person who attends office at Seshadripuram,Bangalore alights at Mantri Mall, (by metro) Malleswararam in the mornings at fixed time regularly thro the year (holidays excluded). Can she avail of the Ola services, either individually or A SHARED BASIS (preferably) every day?
    P. Ranganathan IRS (RETIRED)

  94. Actually i booked a Ola auto at 10/12/2017 7:11 pm i was waiting for auto but we didn't received call or nothing. so i was tryied to call driver but he didnot pick up the call and At 7:16 Pm he picked the call and shoutinf at me in bad ( otha *** - tamil bad word) for not coming and impolite & uneducated . And then he cancelled the pick up

    But actually he didnot reached the pickup place. then why i have to bear the cancellation retrieve my cancellation charge.

    we are not your servants to scoldings from everyone and we are paying for your services so i need immediate action or else I am going to put a case in court on ola company to compensation for insulating me in bad words.I have evidence for all the things.

    auto no: Bajaj RE TN13E4154
    driver name:Ramraj
    ph no:8838288498

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  96. I had booked cab a week ago. The driver was very harsh spoken guy. There was no space for luggage so he made us cancel the ola request forcibly. My dad was a patient but still he made us get off the car. It was a Mahindra Zylo . Number KA 05 AD 9222. I need an immediate response from team ola in this case.