Thursday, 3 March 2016

Ola Cabs Customer Care Number Chennai

Ola Cabs are leading mobile cab Service Company, which provides cabs on rental basis. It began with an aim to provide remarkable and reliable services to customers based in and around Chennai. Now, Chennai is known to be fast growing city in terms of IT, business, etc. The women are safe in Chennai compared to ther places.

Ola Cabs Contact Number Chennai - Talim Nadu 

Ola Contact Number Tamil Nadu
Ola launched its service in Chennai in December, 2014. Ola Cabs have enhanced the mobility of the cabs to make the commute easy and life simpler for billion of people. The customer can contact the customer care number of Chennai to know more details about the cab services and fares.
Ola Cabs was started by young entrepreneurs, Bhavish Agarwal and Ankit Bhatia in 2014, who have combined their objectives with their technical skills to serve the society better. The Ola Cabs app establishes point-to-point link of transportation in almost every city across India. This app helps the customer in booking the cab from the smartphone quickly. For any other queries, the customer care number is always available.

Ola Cabs Customer Care Contact Number Chennai  - 044 33553355

The customer can book the cabs for personal ride or for picnics with family as it offers best prices. The charges are mentioned in the Ola Cabs website. It also offers cabs from multiple categories like Mini, Sedan, Prime, which are available with just one click. The customer can specifically mention the cab they prefer by contacting the customer care number.
The cab company owns empowered drivers, who support the organization by working without compromising.  Other service like Ola Shuttle, Ola Store, Ola Money, Ola Corporate and TaxiForSure are available on the Ola Cabs app. To know more contact the customer care


  1. CRN333827632...sir i have been charged 50rs for cancellation of ola cab...sir the driver doesnt know the routes..and he is taking so long to i booked another cab and cancelled the previous one which is taking soooo much time to that time i dont have time its i booked another cab......i request you to refund my 50rs...otherwise i will stop booking ola cabs from now onwards..and i will make a bad image of yours on '''''SOCIAL MEDIA'''''' SO REFUND MY MONEY

  2. I booked a cab by giving proper pick up and destination point and my booking was confirmed. Cab driver called me and asked for destination place and he said that the cab will not come to that destination. I asked for a reason saying my booking is confirmed for that destination. But he said he will not come to that place in the early morning and he cancelled my booking saying that customer cancelled the booking. This is happening 2nd time with Ola. So i decided not to prefer ola cab for future. Please do not accept the booking if you are not ready to drop in certain locations.

  3. Prime SUV•CRN 409242837
    I have oeft my belongings and within 5minutes i have notice and have called the driver to returm my belongings.. The driver have attend the call and have denay to return back my belonging even after i have said i will pay the charges.

  4. HABEEB (7299993605) White Indigo TN02AU2325.
    Rs. 50 cancellation fee charged on subsequent ride.i t was the fault of the above driver who refused to come the destination and refuse to cancel the trip which resulted delay on my travel hence I cancelled the trip and booked another cab kindly refund rs 50 for next ride plate respond mno.9566033066

  5. HI, there a a common complaint that the driver (who is the owner of the vehicle) does not come to a location and all the location are not there in the app. I had a very bitter experience after booking the cab 5 hrs before and the driver cancelled stating there are other streets with similar name in the area and does not want to come to the right destination. I had a very bad experience as I could not get back a cab from the dropped destination even though booked 5 hrs before. Olz is collecting advance payment and I advise no to fall into their trap.

  6. Dear Ola customer care
    My CRN476142627
    I booked my OLA cab from Pursaivakkam to Chennai airport at 02:40HRS on 02-12-16.
    Driver insisted us to pay cash for refilling diesel, or get down and catch another cab. Even though we have Ola money, we have to pay him Rs. 200 for fuel, which he promised that it will be debited to our Ola money account within 4 hours. I still didn't get my cash refund into my Ola account, even after I pay the ride fare through OLA money.