Uber Customer Care Number Ahmedabad | Uber Cabs Contact Number Gujarat

Uber Customer Care Number Ahmedabad

In today’s world, every individual needs to depend on some transportation facility to travel. If the customer needs to travel to airport during late evening, team meetings, or business ventures, the Uber cab services are available with just one click.
The customer care number, which is primarily required by everyone to hire any cab. Uber provides the easily downloadable app that can be downloaded on the SmartPhone. The customer care number is available once the downloading is completed and now the customer can enquire about the cab services.
Uber Cabs Contact Number Gujarat Uber customer care number Ahmedabad is available on the app, which is customized for the customers. The benefit in downloading the app is that the customer or their family member can track the cabs easily. This ensures safety of the customer and also travels safely to their preferred destination.
The customer can know the charges of the hired cab in advance while contacting the customer care number. All the payments are done through paytm or credit card account, which avoids taking extra money from passengers.

Uber Cabs Customer Care Number Ahmedabad 

The customer can utilize the cab facilities that are available to all the places from Ahmedabad city and the passenger can let their family and friends know where exactly he or she is travelling and arrival time by linking to Uber app.

Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick established the Uber Inc. in 2009 with an aim to provide cab services for economical prices. Uber launched its services to make the travelling easy, reliable, security and hassle-free. Probably this is one of the largest cab operators in the world and having various branches and offices spread across the geography.

Uber Cabs Tech Suuport Number : 1-866-576-1039
Uber Corporate Office Contact Number : 1-415-986-2104


  1. I am regularly use uber almost daily. I dont understand why you charge basic fare from from customer while driver is cancling the trip. Without knowing the region drivers always take benifits of that and cancle trip and unfortunitly custome have to suffer as well as to pay waoooooo.... Atleast try to know the region na

  2. Dear Uber Team,

    I have no objection that you charged me Rs. 50/- for cancelling trip but an emergency can come anytime when a person has to cancel the trip and you should know that it was not cancelled but trip was postponed for the next day and I used Uber services on 10-10- 2016. So I am your future client and charging Rs. 50 for nothing is not a great idea. You still can refund me on my next trip.

    One more thing, I booked Uber cab on 10- 10- 2016 at 12.21 hrs for the next time on the same day but after waiting for approx 14 minutes, the driver was unable to find my location and cancelled the trip. I had to book a cab with another service provider and my almost 30 minutes were wasted on the working day, so are you going to pay me any amount for cancellation from your side as you did with me ?

    Request you to reply at the earliest as I have to give a perfect reason of delaying to my company.

  3. It happened today around 2 pm . We just started the trip ,i was with my wife and a year old baby . It was really hot and my wife turn the rear a.c blower from 1 to 3 , and the driver refused and again turned it to one and said that a.c on speed 1 is ok and if u r uncomfortable then get out of car.and bcoz of his misbehaviour we were compelled to got down.even after getting down of the car ,the driver was fighting like a jerk. It was rediculous. My little baby was crying like anything bcoz of hot sun.we stood for 15 mins there to search for an autorikshaw. This was really really the worst experience ever with uber.The driver should be punished for this...and drivers should be well trained on how to behave and talk with a customer.because we are paying for it.

  4. hhyyy why my account not create plz gaide me fast it's my number 9574755264

    contact to my old number 9099460233

  5. M regular client of Uber n still u people charged 40rs as cancellation charge. Did u tried to know the reason? No. Thn how can u charge if it's ur drivers fault. I booked the cab at 7pm n ur driver didn't reached the location nor he was picking the call. I tried calling but he was not even responding. I waited till 7:45pm n ur driver didn't even called me to know the status. Finally at got another transport as it was quarter to 8 n being a girl I can't wait long. Is this kind of customer service u run? Pathetic, irresponsible, no customer centric??? N in addition u people charged me for cancellation what u expect from customer that they wait for ur irresponsible drivers till midnight? Just not to get charged extra... U Just need my money back that it. Any how... U gonna loose a valuable customer n I will highlight to social group as well. U will pay for it

  6. Is anybody from UBER management listening these comments as driver's behavior are becoming from bad to worst. Why so many complains from frequent travelers and public. I hope someone takes the responsibility to change the attitude of UBER DRIVERS.

  7. Best of services n all uber draivers all gd response n gd conditions car

  8. This is my complain.
    Respected officer in charge,

    My trip to uber taxi today on 12-11-2016 I go to Hotel comfy Near Brts bus stop ghodasar Ahmedabad.
    The driver Jigar said that he run taxi in ola and uber in minimum trip of ola, I am lacking some trip so you are requested to book one trip in ola and then cancelled it then he asked me to give my mobile to him then what he done some thing in my mobile my bill came higher side by Rs.122.54 .I request you to recover the amount from the driver and give me refund of that amount .He show me bill on mobile bill of Rs.273.71. which is almost double. I am regularly user of UBER BUT Today I have very bad experience.
    On the same route to day returning to home same route I booked ola the bill is Rs.151.27.The Driver is Kiranbhai. In same route Kiranbhai show KM 13.16 and Jigarbhai show 23.13. You are requested to inquire how this happen? And refund me excess amount recovered by jigarbhai to me Rs.122.54.
    You can see both the bill in your mail also which is send to me.

  9. Online Help on mobile as well as is not enough supporting regarding my issue.Will you share direct call center contact, so I can discuss about...

  10. Today we had ride and driver has charged extra amount then recipt

  11. The worst services..today I wait for driver to come for about 30 mins while my location was exact but still I have to wait for 30 mins.. disgusting. Then fnly he came and took the longer route as possible. It cost a lot for me. Uber is a cheater. I never used it again and never going to suggest anyone in future moreover those who are using it I also make them aware about it.uber spoiled my day. :(

  12. I use uber cab on DT 17.12.16 at Ahmadabad.. During booking estimated fare shwn RS.58 - 70 after completion my ride driver ask for RS. 149/- when I ask for details he told that RS.80 some previous cancellation charges are pending but I have not informed any time from your end in this regard. When driver told that he unable to give me any details and he charged the RS 149 from me. When I ask to give me receipt for this amount he told that he have no receipt for company. My question is that is we postponed our ride why we pay cancellation charges and why not give the receipt of cancellation charges and why not give us a massage by company what amounts paid by us after completion the ride.


  13. hi
    i have taken ride from ahmedabad domestic terminal to my home (shahibaug) which is hardly 4-5 km but i check my mail, i find destination of navrangpura & so something is wrong.
    moreover previously, i have ride manytime from airport to my home.
    u charge rs 60-70 but at present , u have rs 105.so i think that ur driver has shown me many other receipt to me .
    so pls see in this matter & refund me excess amount charge

  14. The driver charged 110 rs instead of 68rs..he was so arrogant nd not ready to listen inspite of me teling that the rate is nt correct..

  15. I forgetted a bag in car driver has given me back after 1 month chasing done 100 phone calls.Further more intresting is that the my clothes were used by driver and some of returned cab no is GJ-1 DZ 7869 Mahendrabhai
    I m very much disappointed with unprofessional working atmoshphere

  16. Very poor service. Today I booked uber go but as driver couldn't find my location he canceled trip and his response is very rude. Highly dissatisfied with your service. At least teach the drivers how to behave.

  17. I have booked uber go for 27th morning at 3:45 but not got any confirmation.

  18. hey
    my self nirav
    i want ride udaipur to Mount abu

  19. Today..I got so bad response from the Uber driver.today at 6 am i have booked cab to go ahmedabad international airport from my home..actually i had wait for around 40 minutes but Uber driver not came...as i have called him..he told me he is not getting my location..i have explained in detail how to come at my location..but he was so rude in talking and finally he not came...and after tiring..i have booked another Uber..after that the another driver came..and i reached to airport...but i missed my flight..and again i have to reschedule the flight...it was so frustrating..as driver was very near to our location..but he not came to pick up me..and Uber charge me 50 rupees for cancel..though i have not cancel the cab...and that driver had used so bad language on phone..really frustrating...as i am regular user of Uber..really bad experience..just take some steps...the car no..was 4766...

  20. Pathetic service experienced today and bitter experience of Uber I had today when landed at Ahmedabad airport at 1.15 am .I tried book cab after luking at location driver has told me to cancel the booking I tried second time and call the driver he told me that I am sleeping so could not come and worse came to me that third attempt the driver refused to take me with small luggage.one small trolley bag finally I switched to OLA and reached destination but sad part is that over n above without my mistake ubet has deducted Rs 50 on every cancellation where in there was no mistake of mine as customer .I think here the cab driver should be penalised for refusing in performing his duties but innonecent customer is getting penalised for no reason .

  21. I created an acc.on uber bt its not working can u pls help me in logging in... My nmbr is 9414467625

  22. Uber charge per km 5 rupess ok
    But kalupur railway station to Mony Hotel Isanpur road 8 km me pay 208 rupess why extra charges

  23. I have 50rs off on my first 3 rides.
    1st ride use successfull.
    But today i had booked uber from ghatlodia. dont know somehow request is going to kankariya. so driver called me and told to cancel the ride. So I did the same .
    and Booked another ride immediately. In that fare included with previous cancelltion charge of 50rs.
    In 2nd ride i lost my 50rs off on cancellation even on fined of 50rs.
    And i had to pay 50rs fined in third ride. So ultimately i lost my both ride discount.

  24. I rode yesterday date 18.06.2017 in a Rohit kumar cab and he charged me 250 bugs for dropping me at Ahmedbad's airport from maninagar and actually receipt was received from your end is 175 bugs, so I request you please transfer the additional amount charged by him to be credited in my next ride and please request you trained your driver not to make fools and even like this happen there is no trust on you like auto rickshaw you behave actually fare is 175 and he took 250.

  25. Dear sir,
    I am doctor by profession and use über regularly. On 21st June. At 10.30 am I booked a cad which was 3 min distance to my place . I waited for full 5 min. After then I started calling driver . For next 7 min . His phone was busy. Tired calling him I called a ricshaw and went to attend emergency.
    While returning at 12.15 pm über driver charrged me 104 instead 49 Rs. He said it is because of previous journey which actually never took place. I definitely felt bad about the dis honesty of the driver who according to GPS never moved an inch and completed journey. I definitely should be given refund.
    Dr.Ajay Shah

  26. Dear sir,
    I had yesterday taken trip in ubergo.
    My fare Rs.217. But driver taken Rs.272. Please provide me refund. Your service is very poor.


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